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Bajaj XCD 135 DTS-SI 2011

The Bajaj XCD 135 DTS-Si claims to be the You also get an electric start for this bike with a front disc-brake. The other features are the gas filled Nitrox absorbers, the digital speedometer and the tail lamp which is an LED. Buy Bajaj XCD 135 DTS-Si which is also inspired from the Bajaj Pulsar DTS -I, it does have a feel of the Pulsar-junior- Focused on the sporty consumer, who prefers to have sporty bike with the value of the regular bike, consists of all the first class features of a 135cc DTS-Si engine with a 5 speed gear box and has an auto choke.

The company claims it to be a regular bike, but with a sporty feature including the style and the performance. The XCD 135 is powered with a new 135 cc engine which incorporates the swirl induction tech introduced initially on the XCD 125. The performance of this bike from the Bajaj is excellent which fulfills its promise of delivering the best. This is the latest "sporty commuter" bike, as it is now known as and is focused at the rider for whom style matters and with it comes another aspect that is the fuel consumption, which is also vital when you consider the Bajaj XCD 135 DTS-Si.

The company, as promised has launched about the six new series and this being the first one in a span of about six months.  Here comes the first Indian bike producer to bust credit crunch myth with its launch of the bike named the XCD 135 DTC-SI.


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Motor Cycle
Motor Cycle
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