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BMW Scooter C Concept 2011

As soon as the rider docks their phone and switches it on, the scooter is ready to ride. The smartphone serves as the vehicle’s key, display and central control element. The cockpit has a center speedo with a snap-in adapter that plugs into a smartphone. The E-scooter targets the younger generation with its unique integration of mobile devices for operation and entertainment. The electric scooter’s front fender and curved body, however, are cues more reminiscent of vintage Lambretta scooters.

The shape of its rear hand grip was made with the rear spoiler of the MINI Cooper S in mind. The view from the front is dominated by a big, round projector headlight similar to the MINI Countryman while the two taillights are mounted outside the rear wheel fairing in an upright position. Its features were created to maintain the same proportional balance as the popular car, from the size of the scoot in relation to its 11inch wheels to its small, round mirrors. Being touted as a great way to navigate heavily congested urban centers, it is a very compact step through design.

The MINI Scooter E Concept mirrors its four wheeled counterpart in many ways. The connecting cable is also neatly integrated into the rear of the MINI Scooter and its plug fits into any conventional three-pronged socket. The motor is powered by a lithium ion battery installed under the scooter’s seat that can be recharged at any conventional power socket using an on board charging cable.  The MINI Scooter E Concept is powered by an electric motor integrated into the rear wheel.


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Motor Cycle
Motor Cycle
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