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Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R 2011

The engine’s dual cams, 16 valves, 13.3:1 compression and 38mm And there’s more than peaky top-end power, too. Squeezing big power from small displacement has been a Kawasaki forte for many years, from the 350cc A7 Avenger to the 500cc H1, and from that first Ninja 600 to this latest ZX-6R, class leading power is a Kawasaki sportbike birthright. It all starts with the ZX-6R’s jewel like engine, a 599cc assemblage of everything Kawasaki knows about powerplant building, and the result of untold hours of testing and refinement garnered from dyno room to racetrack and back again.

It’s a perfect combination for street riders, track day junkies and racers alike, a flexibility that helps explain its many 600 comparo victories. Critics everywhere agree the ZX-6R runs and performs like a larger displacement motorcycle, and one that packs a rolling chassis that out handles and out suspends all others. That DNA begins with a 16-valve, DOHC inline four engine that’s everything a top shelf middleweight powerplant should be: supremely powerful, smooth, and blessed with hammer like reliability. It was an absolutely dominating 600 shootout performance and one sure to be replicated in 2011 due to the ZX-6R’s track honed DNA and seamless all around capability. Then ask the many top level magazines and web sites that picked the current spec ZX-6R as Best Middleweight.

Don’t believe us? And in today’s ultra-competitive 600 supersport market, where technology, racetrack success and streetbike acumen can change dramatically year by year, that’s saying a lot.  The 2011 ZX™-6R carries that tradition of middleweight dominance to a staggering level (one that would’ve blown minds in 1985).


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Motor Cycle
Motor Cycle
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