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And so it begins.
One of the great things about having a Goldwing is the numerous add-ons that are available for that bike. When I acquired my Goldwing it had some extra chrome but by no means was it loaded. At first I was a little hesitant to order on-line but now after taking the plunge I find it to be a safe and fast way to find items for these older wings.

Trunk Rack- The wing needed a trunk rack to stow some extra cargo on those longer camping trips. this item was purchased from Sabre Cycle in Missouri, good service and prices for Wings of all ages. I also managed to find a left side snap-on-pocket for the fairing, the only place on the net that I know of that had this item.
Saddle Bag Liners- Needed some bag liners for extra ease of taking things off the bike as the hard bags are permanently fixed and these are cool. These and the other items below have been ordered from JC Whitney, they have a few Wing items but there selection is limited. I also have a set of chromed levers coming.

Saddlebag Rails- My saddle bags lids are starting to show some wear and tear mostly from sun damage and these little bits of bling will distract the eye from the wear spots and prevent further damage to the lids, besides you can't have too much chrome on a Goldwing.

Wind deflectors-These are handy when the weather gets hot and you want to direct a breeze towards your self.

Lights-How could you not add extra lights to the back of a wing, safety first and besides these will replace a couple crusty ones already on the bike. The temperature got up to zero yesterday and today so naturally my thoughts turned to biking and what I would need for the upcoming riding season. I have been buying these items on line and find that even with the difference in the dollar and the shipping cost it is easier and cheaper to buy out of the United States.I have also ordered items from and found them to be a good reliable source of stock motorcycle parts and accessories. Next up I need to order a trailer hitch, tank rack and a stock looking antenna


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Motor Cycle
Motor Cycle
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