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The Best New Yamaha Scorpio 2011

One thing that must be considered, said Rachman, is a wheel problem. The solution was slightly modified in the sector, said Rachman. The reason is on the relay and conroad arm. We bend and do engine brake control can be uncomfortable.

However, there are constraints on the relay and conroad arm problems. Photo Blog Edo Rusyanto Meanwhile, Rachman, special technicians Yamaha, say, Scorpio is very comfortable and stable while driving in high speed. New Yamaha Scorpio? Because, New Yamaha Scorpio white color as shown in the picture was in the warehouse, said Andybrod, Ferdinand S Harmin close calls.

I believe PT YMKI will issue these motors. In a separate occasion, Chairman of the Mailing List Yamaha Scorpio (MiLYS), Ferdinand S Harmin assess New Yamaha Scorpio will soon appear. I definitely let you know soon about New Yamaha Scorpio, said Paul when talking with the author through cell phones, on Wednesday (25 / 8). Currently, we still concentrate on Yamaha Byson. Prediction looked behind New Yamaha Scorpio I was immediately informed about the New Yamaha Scorpio.

Assistant General Manager of Promotion and Motorsport PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) Paul Sugih Firmanto say, changes in appearance is a refreshing part of a new product. The difference is visible on the speedometer, tank, headlights, front-rear brake discs, wheels, tires, striping. As observed from the photographs, it was obvious a motorcycle engine model similar to the Yamaha Scorpio previous generation. Various opinions about the New Yamaha Scorpio also appear. INFORMATION about New Yamaha Scorpio who is rumored to be appear more crowded.


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Motor Cycle
Motor Cycle
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