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The New Photo Honda CBR 900 2010

In experienced hands it It's capable of tremendous speeds in a straight line as well as around corners. The RR is unmistakably a hard-core sportbike for the serious rider. The gauges while very functional are a little hard to read, especially at night.

Instruments include electronic tachometer and speedometer, LCD readouts for temperature, odometer, and two separate tripmeters. The fairing is small and aerodynamic, improved for 1998, yet it does a great job of deflecting the main blast around the rider. The seat is much more comfortable than it looks and will actually keep you in comfort for a reasonable length of time up to a couple of hours or more. This will wear your arms and shoulders during longer rides.

The bars are comfortable except that their positioning requires that you place a great deal of your weight on them. You kind of get used to the wide tank which actually helps keep you in place under extreme braking, which the CBR is capable in spades. The controls are typical Honda which is to say they're excellent. Comfort wise, the 900 is pretty good.

The problem is that the flat spot is right where you'll need smooth and abundant roll on power the most. Once the RPM rises a bit further, a second surge of power will kick in lofting the front wheel to the sky, all the way to the 11,000 redline. The bike will launch well then the power will flatten out.  To experience the awkward powerband all you need do is accelerate through first gear.


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Motor Cycle
Motor Cycle
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