Motor Cycle

Honda S-Wing 125 C-ABS 2011

To provide maintenance, low running costs, reliability The modern styling, S Wing, sophisticated Intelligent option for urban transport. Sophisticated instruments Including the panel includes a range of practical reading Average fuel consumption gauge handy. Composite disc brakes To provide a balanced braking and deluxe Version, providing extra security complex ABS is also available. It is easy and safe handling scooters Relaxed riding position.

The fuel consumption and emissions in Low, S wing 125 has become an excellent Tsutomu Tooru. Liquid cooling, which contributes to low noise of scooters Perform the operation. 125cc fuel injection engine provides reliable class Smooth power is to promote stronger coordination. The Front fold out Rokkugurobukonpatomento Offer more carrying space to the hook. Rear Is designed for quick carrier installation options Top box scooter to match the rapid style.

Also, 12V DC-in socket that contains To charge mobile phones and other devices. Under the seat, carrying a large rock Compartment can hold a briefcase and easily Full face helmet. Low, S Provides a comfortable seat stage wing dualdamper both rider and passenger comfort enhanced, Rear suspension, tall, wide windshield. In 2010, four included sophisticated Including a new color Parukuruhowaitobajon. Its shape is refined Full-bodied and distinctive front profile 'wideeyed's Headlights. The S 125 Wing is an elegant business Tsutomu Tooru Strong accent on quality and styling.


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Motor Cycle
Motor Cycle
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