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New MotoCzysz C1 990 2011

In contrast to our familiar universe in continuous expansion, the world of the contestants in the universe We have a unique Information Technology is forever breaking. A goal is one rider to go faster and faster, thus pushing each rider of time and place ... That is, until he / she arrive at Bonneville. Road race is very complicated, and ballet minutes were quickly fatal. Road race is filled, filled with incentives, road race Rachmaninoff; ten thousand notes and do not pause. Bonneville is not the road race and the challenge of salt on Electric Moto is something completely different. Bonneville is the solo-and-white, single and pure, the Bonneville is a single note; played once, and hold for two minutes. Bonneville is exactly as you would imagine, white, flat and wide simply as any other place on earth. History is palatable, and brave men, stimulated the machines work together, and try faster ... Faster than anyone else ... Than ever before. It is not important and both are very important at the same time. Bonneville calls per capita, tinkerer and a small team to battle and try to become the dominance of the resistance is not visible, but not quite, the enemy. It is a battle for all but the resistance is playing fair, and let the warriors of the slowest with the least effort to save their strength for more worthy opponents faster. Family affair; Terry Czysz (father) on the rear wheels, Czysz Max (11) on the seat, Ryan Taylor (MotoCzysz GM) on the bars and Enzo Czysz (13) considering the Bonneville him for the first time in 2011

Zen on the track Ghost. Track Marshal radio signals to him, "This is the return of Wim nominating himself for the record attempt the world, MotoCzysz bike # 3, ready to go." Although the E1pc MotoCzysz 100% ready, as is the silence of the dead, I hear the response on the radio nearby. "International Federation of Musicians return journey the world record, an attempt, the path is clear, bicycle # 3 is going to launch." The Marshal looks directly at me, mimicking the closure of his point guard and then a fake green flag in my face and waves it. In front of me is something ... Huge 5 km track that is all but invisible, to make sure not to turn in sight. Path is too long and the salt is flat so you can detect a slight rise in fact in the middle of the road, which was created from the bending to the ground! Horseback riding in the Bonneville your focus is short-sighted ... Your task this single ... The whole experience, and overcome. In the preparation of E1pc to go as soon as possible, and we also eliminate virtually all the way from slowing him, no gears, the engine is not braking, not the front brakes, and all that was left of one very small brake race (and not very effective) back. Shoulders, elbows, knees and tight, tight as possible and feet against the machine, tucked one hand on the leg so the fork and fingers a little bit away carefully. Seat in the head down, so low you have to strain your eyes to the top of the bottom until you see the part of the path. It is hard to breathe in this situation, it is very comfortable. However, the most effective weapon against your enemy, the resistance in an attempt to infiltrate without being seen in our case and also heard.

Electric machine at home on the salt. The electric motor is pure, and create a little more torque, and certainly not unwanted distractions to hide deep Zen experience of speed. No noise unnecessary, ridiculous and any vibration depression any interruption in the last acceleration and gear changes. Salt, it seemed every other non-motorcycle, electric and seemed dated, even antique, this was unexpected but very reassuring. All records in the future of immigration and customs quickly land on his rivals by using electric motors! And E1pc MotoCzysz the way, the rider in 2010, won two races in the largest electricity roads in the world, even set records in both races. To pass on first down to break the salt E1pc break what was current land speed record. My goal was enough to say that we achieved 160mph, 165, and eventually we got to 163mph, and therefore the results were very positive, right on target.


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Motor Cycle
Motor Cycle
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